Building Capacities of Global Development Practitioners

Teaching What We Do, Showing What We Teach.

The Community Driven Development (CDD) approaches that have contributed to the resounding success of Bala Vikasa‘s development programs are introduced to development professionals working in national and international development organizations, university students and government functionaries through Long-Term, Short-Term and Customised training programs, following a structured teaching methodology using well designed high impact course modules.

Besides these exclusive training programs, PDTC is also the epicentre of all capacity building activities for the communities involved in various Community Driven Development (CDD) programs being implemented by us.

All the approaches, methodologies, field learnings and best practices that produce best outcomes in Community Driven Development (CDD) are translated into well-structured and highly effective capacity building modules. Participants are taken on field visits to all programs areas to facilitate interaction with the program staff and beneficiaries to provide field level practical exposure and ensure the best learning outcomes in the participants.

Capacity Building Programs

Upcoming Capacity Building Programs

Two Week Training On Community Driven Sustainable Development

Dates: 15-27 July 2024
Timings: 9:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Venue: PDTC, Warangal, India
Fee: 25000 INR / 300 USD

Two Week Training On Community Driven Sustainable Development

Dates: 15-27 July 2024
Timings: 9:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Venue: PDTC, Warangal, India
Fee: 25000 INR / 300 USD

Training Topics

Development Design and Management

Community Motivation

Community and Resource Mobilization

Impact Assessment

Development Communications

Thematic Education

Organizational Development


Ready to be a Change Agent

“I feel like I have a really good baseline understanding of all the aspects of community development and
I now feel like I’m more capable of applying to an NGO for work experience. Amongst the courses,
although Strategic Planning and Result Based Management were difficult and challenging because I’d
never been exposed to them before, I think it’s really good, practical knowledge.”

Lauren Fairweather

Student at Caplano University, Canada

Allow the Community to Lead

My learning for development is to empower the people and change attitudes to break the cycle of
dependence. The way to do this is Bala Vikasa way (ABCD model). You relate people to assets and make
them feel stronger. The recognition of strengths, gifts, talents and assets of individual and communities
are more likely to produce change. As community development practitioners we must step back and
allow the community to lead. Our role is to act as a facilitator. It was quite a moving experience to visit
the Gangadevipalli village and see this approach in action.

Amit Napade

Group CEO, Krushi Vikas and All About FPO

High-Value Training Programs

Bala Vikasa’s extensive experience in rural development, particularly in implementing women’s and
widows’ empowerment initiatives through community mobilisation, adds significant value to training
programs, making them highly insightful. The exposure from field visits to various development
initiatives gives participants a whole new perspective and also helps them find innovative solutions
to their community problems.

Dr. N.V. Madhuri

Associate Professor &Head, Center for Gender Studies and Development NIRD