Documenting Best Practices To Educate, Guide Development Professionals

Supporting Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Development Programs

At Bala Vikasa PDTC, we lead the charge in conducting thorough research to empower development practitioners in crafting effective, data-driven sustainable development programs. We explore Community-Driven Sustainable Development Approaches, Best Practices, Cutting-Edge Tools and Innovative Techniques implemented by Bala Vikasa and other leading CDD organizations that support development practitioners in adapting to the evolving needs of the development ecosystem. 

We track emerging trends in NGO governance and sustainability and report findings to shock-proof organizations and individuals against major changes in policy, compliances, donor relations, and ensure they are future-ready to continue building a future that is resilient and sustainable.

We share the wealth of our knowledge through various knowledge-based products, including research publications, impact studies, manuals, and training modules.