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Community-Driven Sustainable Development (CDSD) operates on active community participation throughout the process of designing, planning, implementing, and managing development projects. This approach helps in creating tailored sustainable solutions to address community problems. By leveraging locally available resources and fostering community ownership, it aims to enhance the quality of life of communities and empower them to become self-reliant. 

It provides a structured framework for implementing development projects and programs. It outlines specific steps and strategies for engaging communities, identifying needs, mobilizing resources, and achieving sustainable outcomes. 

Community-Driven Sustainable Development (CDSD) offers a holistic and participatory approach to addressing complex challenges, promoting inclusive growth, and improving the quality of life for all community members.

Bala Vikasa PDTC offers certificate courses in Community Development Sustainable Development (CDSD) to development professionals of international NGOs in their countries. The one-week flagship Capacity-Building program on CDSD helps you apply the right tools to improve your skills in community mobilisation and motivation, resource mobilisation, development design, planning, monitoring and evaluation, program management, and impact communication. It helps you improve your individual performance as a development professional and, in turn, enhances the program outcomes for your organisation as well as the communities at the last mile

Training Topics

Community Resource Mobilization and Motivation

Design and Measurement of Impact

Organizational Development

Field Exposures

Professional Training Program on Community-Driven Sustainable Development (CDSD)

Dates: 27-31 May 2024
Timings: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Venue: Dhulikhel Lodge and Resort, Dhulikhel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Fee: 50,000 INR / 400 USD

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