National Training Programs

Development Professionals Keep Up with Latest Trends

Teaching What We Do, Showing What We Teach.

Community development, in its true sense, can be possible only if the practitioners are well-equipped across all stages, from community mobilisation to thorough documentation of the processes, activities and results of the development initiatives. Bala Vikasa PDTC offers a range of capacity building programs to development professionals supporting them to stay updated with the latest development trends and also  to upskill themselves and stay in-tune with communities to achieve the desired results for their development initiatives.

The one to three day training programs on various developmental concepts, strategies, methodologies and tools help you  to cater to the diverse requirements of the sector and to its multiple stakeholders. They help you improve your individual performance as a development professional and also enhance the impact of your development initiatives at the grassroots level.  They provide insights and practical techniques that enable  you to address challenges creatively and make informed decisions in your development activities. These programs offer hands-on learning experiences, providing tools and strategies for effective community engagement and impact assessment. By embracing continuous learning, practitioners can adapt to dynamic challenges, enhancing the effectiveness and sustainability of their initiatives

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